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        Linyi Tiankuo Casting Co.,Ltd.is a speciallzed enterprise engaged in casting production.It is equipped withadvanced precise casting production lines and sand casting,and lntermediate frequency melting and infrared carbon and suiphur and spectral analysis are used.Advanced roduction equipment and testing measures guaranteed the precision and teliability of chemical compositon and mechanical property.
        The enterprise mainly produces ultra-high chromium antifriction castings,
multialloy antifriction steel etc.With annual output amounting to 10,000 tons,it is one of the largest manufactuters of bimetallic antifriction castings.Its products are widely used in the industries of metallurgy,building materials,power,mining and chemical engineering etc.All the economic and techincal indexes reach or exceed the same products imported,well received by customers.Of those, the economic compoud materials and technology acquired the national invention patent(patent No.15117) and the scl-tech progtessive awards from the country,ministry and province......
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Address:Huxi Road(middle),Luozhuang District,Linyi City
Mobile No.£º013705392891
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